Missed your feedback?

I’ve had several emails from students regarding feedback.

The group feedback session was in week 7.  This was for your Photo sets on Flickr, your blogs and your websites. If you missed that session I don’t have time to reschedule individual feedback sessions. However you can hand in the FINAL artefact which is a convergent version of ALL the artefacts (Photo set, website and Flash slideshow) in the final week of term.

The hand in date for the module is March 17th. If you would like some quick feedback on your blog for your website please create a geocities account – upload your site and link to it from your blog then email me (or comment on this blog) to say it’s all there – (with the link and your name)  – and ready for me to view.



1 Response to “Missed your feedback?”

  1. 1 bealybong March 6, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Hey Mez, followed your instructions and used the template, was able to get things done a lot more streamlined and less cluttered without the boxes.

    Signed up on geocities, have a site, but when it comes to uploading my site i’m hitting a snag in the shape of not knowing my FTP. It says if your using dreamweaver you have to get your FTP but geocities says to get the FTP tool you need to pay for the site.

    What do I do ARGGHHH!!!!! I can’t afford to pay the fee for the FTP

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