Your Second Artefact Due 10th Feb

We want you to show us how you can use your new HTML and CSS skills using Dreamweaver.

We are asking you to produce a series of linked pages in HTML code that includes style elements controlled by CSS. The pages can include your previous images used from your first artefact or you can produce or use new images.

You must include Images that work as links, text that work as links, links to other web sites as well as your own pages. Your pages must have styled text using CSS and control of background colour using CSS.

All of your code and other assets for your pages must be saved inside one folder and the folder must have your initials and surname to identify it as yours.

Save your folder of assets onto a usb stick ready to hand in on Tuesday 10th February. Also identify your usb stick with your name. You will get the usb stick back and wil be using this for your final flash based and HTML artefact.


1 Response to “Your Second Artefact Due 10th Feb”

  1. 1 becki05 February 6, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    ive finished my website thingy but im just wondering how to get it onto memory stick? what format etc.?
    Rebecca Horsburgh (green group)

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