Reflections on Lecture Content

Each week we want you to respond with a post on your blog to content that you have seen during the course of the lecture.

What do we mean when we say we want a written reflection?

If we take the first week when we saw Stefan Sagmeister talk about three designs that had made him happy. Once you have watched this on your own a couple of times your response can be made by having a few questions in mind after you have watched and thought about what he was trying to say.

These questions might be, say in relation to the subway design example:

  • What did the project do on the subway?
  • What do you think it was trying to communicate?
  • How was it different to the usual subway signs?
  • Were the designs a commentary on our day to day experience of life in a city?
  • If so was it challenging, critical, useful, funny?
  • You might also contrast it with what makes you happy?

Having questions in mind enables you to structure and think about your own response to the design in a thoughful way. A good response is often short and concise. I you state something how do you back that up, what evidence do you refer to?


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