First Piece of Work (Don’t Panic)

During the module we are asking you to produce three pieces of work quite quickly so we are not looking for particularly polished final results. What we are looking for is the communication of ideas in a visual form. A communication that works. It can be a combination of picture and short text much like the film that we showed you about statistics releating to new network technologies and its impact on the world and peoples behaviour.

The above movie communicates very powerfully, but simply.

The First Artefact: Due Publish date from your Blog 27th Jan 09

We want you to try something similar using still images in a sequence working as a slideshow. To do this you can sign up with yahoo for a flickr photo sharing account and place your images in a desired sequence and then people can view them as a full screen slideshow.

A good number of images might be between 10-15, you can use more if you think this will communicate your idea better. Remember the images have to be on the screen long enough for people to be able to take in the text and the image. So you have to decide what the timings will be.

The Subjects for Your Images:

We want you to think about your own use of these technologies and you might illustrate your own use of these ie how long do you spend on Facebook, Myspace, etc How often do you watch YouTube during a day/week etc? Do you create content for youtube, facebook or other? How long do you spend on this?

1.How long do you spend using other media forms? Your Mobile, TV, Radio, Games, etc. What devices do you use during the course of a day/week etc? How might this compare with other people in your Group.

2.You could illustrate non personal statistics like literacy rates in different countries, the spread of wealth in different countries, the access to technology in other countries, the cost and debt that people get into when going through further or higher education in different countries.

3.You might think in more detail about how technology has impacted on your life over the past five years what has changed, how has your own behaviour changed? Ask others in your group compare together. The results could be really interesting.

Watch some of the movies that we have linked to on this blog or search for different data visualisation tools online to get other ideas.

Some Useful Data Visualisation Links:

There are currently some really useful tools online that allow you to visualise your own data that you might collect like:

Creating Images

So how might you create your images?

Remember they have to be big enough to work full screen so minimum size is 800pixels by 600pixels.

Be inventive you can take screen shots of what you are using on your computer, You can take screen shots of data visualisation tools like Google Earth or Google Maps. You can use your mobile phones, digital cameras, You can even capture video from your computer screen using a free firefox browser plugin, which I will leave you to search for. You can draw and scan your drawings in to photoshop.

You can use photoshop to add text or other composited effects. Most of all surprise yourself think about your own use of technology, your own experiences, have fun be provocative.


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