Welcome to Convergent Media

This will be the place where all of the module information is kept. One of the links “Document Store” will be the place where you can find any documents that are to be read and downloaded. They will be placed online as pdf’s. So keep checking the document store for new information.

The only document on the blog so far is the Mid for the module. It gives you the learning outcomes and the assessment outline. At the beginning of next week you will find the ful module booklet online which explains in a more friendly form the actual tasks that you will be participating in and completing.

The module is assessed through the production of digital work that examines the notion and ideas surrounding convergence. Theory forms an important strand to the work of the module but it is your job to interpret the theory in the production of your artefacts that should demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and developing skills. It is a key ingredient to the module that you should enjoy it.

Two of the key people that have talked and produced work around convergence are Lev Manovich and Henry Jenkins. Some useful starting points for Manovich can be found here. Click on the articles link and read the article titled : Understanding Hybrid Media 2007.

Some important starting points for Jenkins can be found here. A really useful, interesting, but slightly involved lecture where Jenkins talks at length about the notion of convergence can be found here. I recommend you listen to it a couple of times as it will give you a good grasp of what we will be tackling through the course of the module.


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